March 26, 2018

5 Tips to Help You Age Well

By Tom Jorgenson

Healthy Aging Week is approaching! We are hosting several events during this week to help you "stay young" and age well. We have also provided you with 5 tips for healthy aging. Lets dive in!

1. Eat Well

It should come to no surprise that nourishing our body helps us live a longer and healthier life. Inevitably, as we age, our metabolisms decrease, which can make maintaining a healthy weight and bio-marker levels challenging if we're not aware of how to combat this. Which means now, more than ever, healthy eating should be a daily practice. Here's some expert advice from our Registered Dietitian, Kristen. A better diet quality at midlife seems to be strongly linked to greater health and well-being in those who age well. We encourage all to eat well to age well!

Register for our "Eat Smart for Healthy Aging" Nutrition Corner class which is held on Thursday, Apr 26 from 11:15-12 pm to learn more on how you can incorporate simple and delicious meals to better your health!

2. Stay Active

Incorporating aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility training into your weekly routine could prevent injury and promote longevity as expressed in this article from LiveScience featuring our own Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine co-director, Dr. Edward Laskowski. Since these exercise modes are vital for your health, here's a list of classes we offer that incorporate them. Take a look as see which options work best for you and your goals!

We have a variety of exercises classes going on this week that incorporate aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility training! Please refer to our "Healthy Aging Week" Poster in the lobby for specific details to find which classes work best for you. We also will be providing AOA "Fit Day" fitness assessments on Tuesday, Apr 24 at 10 am and 4:30 pm.

3. Socialize

How is your social life? Do you have deep and meaningful relationships with those around you? Are you actively getting out of the house to bond with others? One of the greatest challenges of aging is how your support network changes. Staying connected isn’t always easy as you grow older—even for those who have always had an active social life. People change careers, many retire, and some relocate out of the local area which can take away close friends and family members. Staying social can have a critical impact on your health as you age. Having an array of people you can turn to for company, support, and fun as you age can combat loneliness, depression, disability, hardship, and loss. It’s important to find ways to reach out and connect to others, regardless of whether or not you live with a spouse or partner. If you find yourself to be more isolated, start meeting people with common interests through a local gym, support groups, place of worship, or by volunteering to foster connections.

Our AOA "Social Hour/Treats & Beats" is a great opportunity to socialize with complementary cookies, fruit and live music! Come meet new people and practice your social skills while enjoying treats and listening to live music on Wednesday at 10:15am on the DAHLC patio or in SL-200 if weather is undesirable.

4. Remain Positive

Easier said than done, but keeping a positive attitude can have massive anti-aging benefits. One study followed people over 50 years old for up to 23 years and found that those who kept a positive attitude about their future and saw aging as "no big deal" had an increased ability to function independently, maintain physical fitness, work full time, and enjoy themselves socially. These optimistic individuals also had lower rates of mortality and morbidity. Another study also concluded that positive psychological well-being has a favorable effect on survival in both healthy and diseased populations.  It's clear that positive self-perceptions can go a long way in life (pun intended). Whenever possible, ignore the negative stereotypes of aging. Instead, focus on the positive and choose to look at life, including challenging time, as opportunities for growth.

With that said, there's no better way to positive thinking than a good laugh! Try out our Laughter Yoga class held on Friday, Apr 27 at 12:15 pm in room SL-124.

5. Sleep Like a Champ




















Sleep has been a hot topic recently, and for good reason. Sound sleep is essential to good health and vitality. Make your bedroom conducive to it by reserving it solely for sleep. If your bedroom currently serves as a TV room, office, or internet hub, your brain will associate it with higher levels of stimulation and you’ll have a harder time winding down at night. So what does "healthy sleep" look like you ask? Check our blog post here on our expert advice to master your sleep habits.

We also have our Sleep More, Stress Less Workshop which you can begin registering for on May 2 to learn how to get the best rest possible to live your best life. Sweet dreams!

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