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Our workshop options meet one time for 1-2 hours so scheduling isn't as much of a barrier. If you have a busy or unpredictable schedule, series and workshops are a great option for you.

Nutrition Corner: Hear from our dietitian about how to eat well while having an active lifestyle.

  • Registration period: Jan 3 - Jan 17
  • Meets: Thursday, Jan 17 from 9-9:45am (Topic: Mayo Clinic Diet) 

Pilates - Chair Basics: Learn the basics of using a Pilates apparatus called the MVe Chair. No previously experience necessary. $10

  • Registration period: Oct 27 - Nov 10
  • Meets: Saturday, Nov 10 from 12-2pm

Swim: This fun workshop will demonstrate how to utilize some pool equipment (kick board, pull buoy) to help improve your front crawl technique. In addition, we will work on different strategies for incorporating drills and intervals into your swimming workout.  $10

  • Registration period: Nov 18 - Dec 2
  • Meets: Sunday, Dec 2 at 11am

Strength Training for Runners: Learn the benefits of adding strength training to your current running routine. In this hands-on workshop you will learn strength training exercises that will enhance your running. $5

  • Registration period: Apr 2019
  • Meets: TBA

Sleep More, Stress Less: Learn what it takes to get the best rest possible. ​In this workshop, you will begin to understand sleep and the lifestyle effects on sleep. You will learn the stages of sleep, how to create a healthy sleep environment, and general coping strategies to help improve sleep. $5

  • Registration period: Nov 27 - Dec 10
  • Workshop meets: Dec 11 from 5:30-7pm

Living Well with Chronic Conditions:​ Learn strategies and resources for living with a chronic condition. This workshop is designed to discuss opportunities and ideas for managing life with a chronic condition. $5

  • Registration period: Mar 1 - Mar 13
  • Meets: Wednesday, Mar 13 from 10:30-12pm

Pilates: Where's My Head? These workshops focus on improving core strength and back health. They offer education on the Pilates method. From the basics to adapting for client issues to application for specific sports/activities - these workshops will explore the use of the Pilates method in a variety of ways. October's topic is about learning exercises to correct forward head posture. $10

  • Registration period: TBA
  • Meets: TBA

Yoga- Chaturanga: This workshop will explore the yoga push up known as
chaturanga dandasana. Variations and modifications will be shared to accommodate all fitness needs. Learn how to perform this tricky pose and keep your body safe from injury. $10

  • Registration period: Jan 5 - Jan 19
  • Meets: Saturday, Jan 19 from 1-3pm

Yoga- Yoga for the older adult: Join us for specialty workshops that focus on yoga techniques. November's focus is yoga for the older adult. No previous experience necessary. $10

  • Registration period: TBA
  • Meets: TBA

To register for a workshop, stop by the front desk or call 507-266-4688. 

*Fee is non-transferable and due at registration. A minimum 24-hour advance notice of program start date required for refund.

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