February 25, 2016

7 Mindful Traveling Tips


beach6Gearing up for a trip or thinking about getting away sometime soon? Planning a trip during the winter is a great way to refresh and reconnect with loved ones and, of course, have an adventure! It doesn’t mean you have to leave your fitness goals or new healthy habits behind. We’ve gathered some tips to keep travel stress down and wellness a priority.

  1. Practice patience. Especially in the unpredictable winter-weather months, you may experience flight delays. Expect slight delays and keep watching your flight status before leaving home. Try to have a couple activities to keep you and your family occupied while you wait for the flight. It’s also a great opportunity to do some walking, especially before spending time on a plane.
  2. Move during your flight. Flex your feet, extend your legs or contract your calf muscles to circulate blood upwards, which will also boost oxygen levels and fight your fatigued feeling.
  3. Hydrate! Try to avoid dehydrating substances, such as caffeine and alcohol when preparing for your flight. The extremely dry recirculated air on planes is harsh enough on your body, so keep drinking water periodically, but not so much that you have to go to the bathroom five times on the flight. Bring your own refillable water bottle to fill at your convenience. In addition, lather up with lotion (from your 3 ounce container), especially on your face before boarding, so that your skin stays hydrated as well.
  4. Protect your skin. Once you arrive at your destination, start applying sunscreen. More likely than not, your skin has not seen much sun exposure for several months, so be vigilant about applying and reapplying that sunscreen.
  5. Find alternate ways to move.
    • Use that hotel pool to get some activity in - swim laps, water walk or jog in place.
    • Walk to your destination rather than relying on public transport.
    • If there is a buffet, remember to fill up on fruit & vegetables first, then use your next round for the main meal.
    • If you have a beach, play in it! Try sand volleyball or frisbee to get your body moving.
    • Try one of our workouts, energy burst videos or reset videos.
  6. Keep an open mind. It’s great to have a few activities planned in advance, but sometimes the best memories are made on the fly when you simply plan as you go. This is a great opportunity to be spontaneous, explore a new place and learn about a different culture. Take this time to reflect on life’s adventures and blessings and the ones you get to share them with.
  7. Local treasures. Don’t just ask the concierge about best places for dining, activities and deals; rather, ask some of the locals where to find the real gems of the region.

We hope you have a wonderful trip and continue to be mindful of the goals you have set at home. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to indulge, just keep moderation in mind. Soak up that sunshine!

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