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July 27, 2016 · Leave a Comment

Do You Incorporate These 4 Exercises?

By The DAHLC The DAHLC (@dahlcsocialmedia)

Incorporating aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility training into your weekly routine could prevent injury and promote longevity as expressed in this article from LiveScience featuring our own Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine co-director, Dr. Edward Laskowski. Since these modes of exercise are so vital to your overall health, take a look at our group fitness classes that all focus […]

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Pilates Day!

By The DAHLC The DAHLC (@dahlcsocialmedia)

DAHLC is having a Pilates Day Open House! If you have ever wondered what Pilates is about, ever wanted to see Pilates exercises machines up close, then this is the day for you! Members can: Visit with DAHLC Pilates Staff in the Pilates Reformer Studio (DA LO-114) View demonstrations on equipment including the Reformer, the Jumpboard, […]

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July 17, 2015 · Leave a Comment

12 Habits For Highly Healthy People: Habit 7

By nicoleblock nicoleblock (@nicolerawlings)

Habit 7: Strength and FlexibilityAccording to Nicole Burow, MS, CHES, CHWC, Exercise is Medicine® Credential Level I, ACSM-CPT, and Health and Wellness Coach at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center, “Too often in our rushed, achievement-oriented culture, we think ‘more’ or ‘faster’ is better.”  I posit we are not all meant to be ‘Mr. Incredible’, ‘Elastigirl’, or ‘Road […]

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Speed Ladder – Fun For All

By Desiree Ahrens Desiree Ahrens (@ahrensdesiree)

Picture the obligatory scene in a sports movie where the unlikely athlete starts to make the turn to star athlete. With an inspirational soundtrack playing in the background, the athlete sweats, grunts, runs, and jumps. Sometimes the athlete will take a few turns through the speed ladder. However unlikely the scene that unfolds before us […]

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June 24, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Pillar of Strength

By Nicole - Coach Nicole - Coach (@burownicole1)

Have you ever found yourself looking back after sustaining discomfort or injury post-exercise and thinking, “Maybe I could have avoided this circumstance had I been more mindful and purposeful about practicing my core exercises.”  Ugh – let’s try to prevent that! Core: as a noun the central or most important part of something ‘tough central […]

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July 24, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Stretching Basics

By The DAHLC The DAHLC (@dahlcsocialmedia)

Learn to incorporate static stretching from head to toe in this one-hour, hands-on session.  Call or stop by to register for Stretching Basics. Direct questions to: Program offerings: Jan 12; 1-2pm Jan 18; 9-10am Jan 30; 10:30-11:30am

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June 16, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Yoga Overview

By The DAHLC The DAHLC (@dahlcsocialmedia)

Yoga is a process of stretching, balancing and strengthening using the connection of breath, mind, and body.  The word “yoga” simply means “union”.  Finding your class will greatly depend on your physical strengths as well as limitations. We here at the DAHLC feel very confident that we have the right class to fit everyone’s needs.  […]

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