*No offerings being held until further notice*

Are you a current member or thinking about becoming a member to the DAHLC, but need help with your membership? Try our free wellness consultation! You will set the foundation to your health and wellness journey with one of our Well-Being Specialists. In this meeting, you will talk 1:1 and discuss your current lifestyle habits and behaviors. If any of these apply to you, we would encourage you to set up a free wellness consultation by contacting the front desk (507-266-4688):

  • Not sure where to start or what would be the best fit for you at the DAHLC
  • You have never been a member of a fitness facility before
  • You need help in establishing a regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits
  • You are feeling stressed and unbalanced in your life

You can expect the coach to help:

  • Create realistic short-term and long-term goals
  • Recommend different classes and programs the DAHLC has that would be a fit for you
  • Motivate you

Watch the video below to hear from Brent with more details about the Wellness Consultation. Reminder, this service is available to both members and eligible members. Sign up at the front desk or call 507-266-4688. We are here to help you get started and want to see you succeed with your membership!

Consultation Offerings:
*No offerings being held until further notice*


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