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November 5, 2018

DAHLC Facility Parking


Downtown DAHLC Parking 

Designated member parking is available in classified spaces during operating hours: Lot 26, Lot 30 and West Employee Ramp 9. Parking is available for two-hours per day for members during their use of the Center at Lots 26 and Ramp 9, and three-hour parking is available at Lot 30. Note: Parking in more than one member designated parking space in the same day is prohibited and doing so may result in the vehicle being immobilized.

Covered Parking: available on the street level of the West Employee Ramp 9 (Fifth Avenue N.W. entrance) in designated spaces.

*Recent changes were made to the 1st floor DAHLC member parking area in Ramp 9 (ramp directly across street from us). To comply with legal requirements, approximately 12 DAHLC parking spaces were converted to employee handicap parking spaces on the west side of the reserved DAHLC member parking area.

That being said, we have added 12 DAHLC parking spaces up the initial incline to the first floor (10 spaces) and the first two spaces on the south wall closest to the stairwell ensuring no parking spaces were eliminated. These new spaces are clearly marked with "DAHLC Parking" signage.

Handicap Parking: located on the first floor of the West Employee Ramp 9 area; two-hour limit applies.

Bike racks: The Center offers bike racks for members who wish to bike-in for a workout. Weather permitting, racks are located in Lot 26 (Sixth Avenue). Just like parking spots, the racks are only to be utilized by members, and only for two hours per day. Members do not need to display a parking tag on their bike. All-day bicycle parking is available in the Ozmun East ramp and Employee West ramp.

Generose DAHLC Parking

East Employee Ramp: DAHLC members can park in Ramp 34 from 3:30 pm through 4:30 am, Monday- Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday or Holidays.

Bike racks: DAHLC also offers bike racks for members who wish to bike-in for a workout. Bicycle parking is available in the Generose Ramp.

Parking Violations

Parking violations include, but are not limited to:


  • Parking without a tag
  • Tag not visible from driving lane
  • Exceeding posted time limit (immobilization on first offense)
  • Switching parking lots from one to another in the same day
  • Displaying a lost/stolen tag
  • Vehicle not centered in parking space
  • Utilizing parking while not using the Center
  • Parking in reserved spaces in DAHLC parking areas (i.e. instructor parking/massage therapy parking)
  • Parking in non-designated parking lots (i.e. St. John's Catholic School parking lot)

Those in violation of Mayo Clinic parking policies will have their vehicle immobilized at the owner's expense. See Parking Citations for more details.

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