Fuel your body appropriately as you are trying to become more fit and reach your health & wellness goals. We have several educational programs that help you get familiar with a grocery store, write out a meal plan, give you time-saving + money-saving tips and help you fuel your body during various fitness activities! Each nutrition offering is free and you can register online. (If you do not have an account, your ID# is your PersonID found on the back of your Mayo Clinic badge or call the front desk 507-266-4688.) These offerings are led by a registered dietitian

Menu Creations & Supermarket Savvy: Do you have food in the cupboards, but nothing to put together for a meal? Join DAHLC dietitians for a 6-week nutrition-focused program to pick up the tools you need for successful meal planning and grocery shopping. 

  • Registration period: Sep 2 - Sep 16
  • Program meets: Mondays from 12-1pm
  • Program runs: Sep 17 - Oct 22

TOOLS (Try Out Other Lifestyle Strategies) for Weight Loss: Join our dietitian for a 6-week program for those with a BMI greater than 40. This program focuses on utilizing various nutrition tools in the areas of meal planning, self-monitoring, mindful eating, dining out and label reading. Receive expert insight from speakers on other weight loss tools for increasing physical activity and changing behaviors. Class format includes group based discussion and hands on activities. 

  • Registration Period: Sep 4 - Sep 18
  • Program Runs: Sep 19 - Oct 24
  • Meets: Wednesdays from 7-7:45am

Get Your Diet in Gear: Join the dietitian and a group fitness instructor in the Cycle Studio for a 4-week program focusing on healthy dietary and lifestyle habits for weight control. The dietitian will discuss material from the Mayo Clinic Diet book and the cycle instructor will lead you through a workout. Stay tuned for next offering.

  • Registration Period: Oct 10 - Oct 24
  • Program Runs: Oct 24 - Nov 14
  • Meets: Wednesdays from 8-9am

Nutrition Corner Workshop: Hear from our dietitian about how to eat well while having an active lifestyle. Free

  • Registration period: Aug 27 - Sep 10
  • Meets: Monday, Sep 10 from 12-12:45pm
  • Topic: Menu Planning

Understanding the Midlife Transition in Women: This 5-week program will discuss changes at midlife in women, and it will provide resources to support a healthy lifestyle from experts in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and stress management. Free!

  • Registration Period: TBA
  • Program Runs: TBA
  • Meets: TBA                                                            

Endurance Sports Nutrition Series: Learn how to adequately hydrate, fuel, and recover for optimal training. This two-week series is intended for those training for endurance events (i.e., half marathon, full marathon, triathlon, distance cycling, etc). 

  • Registration period: TBA
  • Meets: TBA

To register for a nutrition program, use the Member Portal, stop by the front desk or call 507-266-4688. If you have any questions, please contact our dietitians at



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