Wondering where to get started once you become a member at the DAHLC? Try a free basics class! During this appointment, you will work with a Well-Being Specialist to determine what best meets your needs. Please wear comfortable workout attire.

There are three ways to sign up: 

  • Stop by the Front Desk
  • Call the Front Desk (507) 266-4688
  • Register online through the Member Portal

Times you can schedule a Basics class: 

*no times available until further notice*

We have many different offerings based on your area of interest. 

  • Stretching: Learn to incorporate static stretching from head to toe.
  • Cardio: Learn the foundations of cardiovascular activity with multiple pieces of cardio equipment to find what feels best for your body.
  • Linear: Learn basic strength guidelines using equipment in a fixed plane of motion. 
  • Core: Learn the basics of building a strong core. 
  • Cable: Learn basic strength guidelines using nonlinear equipment. 
  • Free Weight: Learn how to utilize the free weight area. 
  • Foam Rolling: Learn the fundamentals of self-massage using foam rollers, massage sticks and balls.


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Want to work more with a trainer? Try one of these options:

Group Training

Training Studio Classes

Exercise Prescription