November 30, 2022

December Staff Spotlight: Brian


What is your job title at the DAHLC and what do you like most about working here? Employee Well Being Specialist. I like working with people so that’s the favorite part of my job. Getting to work with our awesome members and staff.

What is one item you would like to own that you don’t? A small RV that I can take around the country to attend and tailgate at college football games. I don’t have the money or time to do that right now, but maybe when I retire.

What is something you like to do with your family? My family is super busy with school activities and social events so my favorite family activity is just all of us gathered around a table to eat at the same time, whether it’s dining out or at home.  It doesn’t happen very often so I enjoy every minute of it when it does.

Favorite holiday and why? Thanksgiving - Family, Food, and Football!!  What more do you want!?!?!

Are you a sports fan? What are your favorite teams? I love sports; playing and watching. My favorite team is Alabama. We try to attend an Alabama football game every few years. Following them is like a hobby for me. I also like the Gophers. I enjoy watching and cheering for all the professional Minnesota sports teams. My kids go to Pine Island Schools so I’m also a big Panther fan, especially in the sports they play in.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends? Anything with my family. I have a wife, two teenage girls and an 11 month old boy. Any time I can spend with them is precious. My kids are growing up so fast so my free weekends are for them.

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