April 29, 2022

May Staff Spotlight: Lisa J.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role here at the DAHLC: My husband and I are both Rochester natives. We have been together 30 years and raised two independent young women here. I have spent over half of my career at Mayo at the DAHLC.

I felt like I won the lottery when I was offered the Member Service Representative (MSR) position at the Dan Abraham building when it opened in 2007 because I knew what the role meant to me as a member. I was a regular at Ozmun in the morning and I was certain that if I didn’t show up for my workout that Tom (Finch) or Deb (Meyer) would know, and I would have to explain myself, so I just showed up every day. They knew me by name, they believed I could do it even when I didn’t.

It has been an honor to serve you the last 15 years, I have enjoyed learning your names and offering you smiles and encouragement. I hope that everyone feels welcome here. You don’t have to look or dress a certain way to come to the DAHLC, just take that first step – we believe in you!

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? I bought myself a soap making book over two decades ago and have been making cold process soap with oils, Lye & love ever since. We started The Great Soap Company in 2012 because we believed in our product and wanted everyone to try and love it like we do. Have fun, play hard, get dirty – we’ll clean you up naturally!

What kind of music do you like? I have been wildly obsessed with U2, Blues Traveler & Jack Johnson over the years. Currently I’m revisiting some music from my youth, like Violent Femmes, New Order & R.E.M.

My favorite Pandora stations: CAKE radio, Hipster Cocktail Party, 90’s Alternative, Tom Petty & Grateful Dead.

Who inspires you? My family – My daughters have faced some challenges the past couple of years and I am inspired by how they have faced them with love and compassion for themselves. Zoe is 24 and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder over three years ago. She has survived some very dark times by getting help when her illness was telling her to give up. Zoe owns her own home and is a successful baker. She is mindful of her mental health and has found a therapist she loves. My husband Jon is amazing, he started working at Mayo as an over-night cook with a long ponytail and now he is a Senior IT Application Analyst with a distinguished white beard. Since he has been working from home, I can hear how he interacts with colleagues. I don’t understand what he’s talking about, but it is clear to me that he finds solutions to problems with confidence and humor & dang, he works a lot. He believes in me and our business and has inspired me to bet on myself.

Favorite Food? Peanut Butter, but if we are talking local fare, my favorite is Pho Tai #48. I also enjoy Saints on Second’s Blackened steak sandwich & Chester’s Filet for special occasions.

Favorite Book or Movie? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Next Place by Warren Hanson, Clarity & Connection by Yung Pueblo are the books I have gifted the most. B by Sarah Kay is an amazing poem that every mother of daughters needs to read.

Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie – and Stephen King is also a favorite author.

What is one thing most members don’t know about you? I send an email with a simple quote each day. It started by writing a quote on a dry erase board for my co-workers in the CT appointment office 20 years ago and has grown to an email distribution service with hundreds of subscribers. I usually sit down on Saturday morning, reflect on my week, select quotes for Monday – Friday and schedule the ‘thought’… to arrive in your inbox each morning at 3:30 am.  It’s something I always look forward to doing and reminds me that we are more alike than we think.  Thought… sign-up form http://eepurl.com/btGsev

Plans for Retirement? I guess I’m going to be the artist I always wanted to be. I will start by re-launching our website. My oldest daughter, Tia has taken some awesome new product photos I’m pumped for everyone to see. Tia has become quite an excellent soap maker with great ideas – I’m excited to be working more closely with such a creative spirit. I’ll do my best to keep you clean you filthy athletes! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find our products at Mayo one day! I’m also looking forward to spending more time with my family.

I will miss our members and my DAHLC family more than words can say. I will miss sharing words with you on the sandwich boards, celebrating your victories and cheering you on. I have missed your smiles for the past two years and I hope that everyone can enjoy each other’s smiles safely, very soon.

Goodbye see you around.

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