March 29, 2021

DAHLC Reopening April 12


Open locations

Downtown Rochester
St. Mary's Generose 24/7 remains closed for initial reopen

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 4:30am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday 6am-6pm

Membership Account Details

At this time, the facility is limited to current Mayo Clinic employee members only

As of April 12 2021, all Mayo employee memberships will come off of a freeze. If you are a Mayo employee and wish to remain on a freeze:

Reopen FAQ

Our Commitment to Safety

Physical Distancing

  • Physical distancing requires at least 6ft of distancing from others
  • Reduced cardio equipment on the floor allowing ample space between members
  • Equipment not available will be marked with signage
  • New floor plan for weight equipment to allow for more space between machines
  • Designated areas available for personal use. One member per space
  • Capacity limits posted outside of studios and certain areas of the fitness floor

Commitment to Cleanliness 

  • Cleanliness has always been a top priority for the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. Our staff will be cleaning equipment, studios and frequently touched spaces on a regular schedule.
    • EPA registered, hospital grade products used 
    • New wipes provided for members to disinfect equipment pre and post use
    • Increased availability of hand sanitizer throughout the facility
    • Increased sanitizing of facility spaces and equipment by our employees
    • Continued nightly deep cleaning

Reservation System & Touchless Check-In

  • We’ve added a reservation system to monitor our capacity as mandated by the state at this time. This will require you to register to reserve your time at the center. Touchless check-in continues upon entering the facility.
    • All members will be required to use their Member Portal account to register for a 90-minute appointment to use the facility prior to entering the DAHLC
    • All staff and members will be required to check-in upon entry and check-out upon exit to manage occupancies
    • All staff will be wearing masks for safe interactions with members at the desk and throughout the facility
    • Swipe access badge yourself
    • Be prepared to show your registration confirmation on your phone to our Front Desk staff

Classes & Pool Access

  • In-person fitness classes will initially not be available at the DAHLC as we reopen. Virtual fitness classes and EX4 trainings are available for members and all Mayo Clinic employees 
  • Both pools are available for use with limited capacity:
    • 6 lanes total are available (2 in Fitness Pool & 4 in Lap Pool)
    • After making a 90-minute facility reservation, members must additionally reserve a pool lane for pool use
    • One member is allowed per lane at a time
  • The whirlpool and steam rooms will not be available

Locker Rooms

  • Locker rooms will be available with limited amenities. We ask that you bring as few items as possible to the DAHLC to limit your time in the locker room.
    • Physical distancing to be maintained in locker rooms
    • Capacities for each locker bay posted to maintain appropriate space for distancing
    • Lockers available for use will be identified with signs
    • Bathrooms, sinks, and showers will be available
    • Hair dryers will not be available. Members may bring their own
    • No lotion provided
    • Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer available throughout the locker rooms

Towel Service

  • Towel service will no longer be available
  • Members are welcome to bring their own towels

Face Masks

  • All staff and members wear masks at all times, including while exercising. The mask must fit securely over the nose and under the chin. The exceptions to universal masking are for pool and shower use.
    • Examples of acceptable masks include personally provided single-use surgical mask and double-ply cloth masks
    • Masks with vents, bandannas and neck gaiters/buffs are not allowed
    • Personal grooming involving the removal of a mask is not permitted
    • Members who are uncomfortable wearing a mask or cannot wear one may return to the DAHLC when they are able to do so or when masks are no longer a requirement
    • Members are encouraged to wash personal masks and bring a spare to change when visibly soiled
    • Non-compliance with universal masking will result in being asked to leave the DAHLC, and potentially membership suspension and/or corrective action if an employee

Equipment Availability

  • The facility space and equipment have been reconfigured to adhere to social distancing.
    • Fitness floors, studios, strength equipment, walking/running track, and limited cardio equipment will be available for use.
    • Studios and some spaces on the fitness floor will have capacities listed on how many members can be in one area at a time
    • Members are required to clean equipment before and after use

Amenities and Services

  • Massage will no longer be available. If interested, massage services are available at the Healthy Living Program Rejuvenate Spa located on the fifth floor of the DAHLC
  • Hydro massage will be available and able to be reserved in the Member Portal or through the Front Desk
  • Child Care will not be available
  • The Center Café is open
  • In person training, evaluation, and programs not available
  • Virtual fitness classes and EX4 available virtually for all members and Mayo Clinic employees

How You Can Help

Keeping our spaces clean and safe will be a team effort from all of us- staff and members. Here is how you can help.

  • Stay home if you or anyone in your household has recently or is currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.  A current list of COIVD-19 symptoms can be found on the CDC website
  • Wipe down equipment before and after use with the wipes provided and allow the cleaned surface to fully dry before using
  • Wash your hands frequently. When a sink isn't nearby, use hand sanitizer. It is recommended to clean your hands upon entering, exiting and throughout the facility
  • Maintain at least 6 ft. physical distance between yourself and others
  • Keep your mask on at all times while in the facility - except for pool and shower use
  • Follow all facility guidelines and adhere to your designated time slot using our facility reservation system

We appreciate your assistance as we work together to keep the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center a low-risk environment where members can focus on their health and well-being.

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