July 8, 2020

Let’s Get Virtual! Virtual!


Mayo Clinic prioritizes your well-being by providing community, connection, and motivation through our FREE virtual offerings! We hope to bring the tools and encouragement to help you stay on point with your wellness goals. You do not need to be a DAHLC member to participate - all Mayo Clinic employees welcome!

View our class schedule to register for virtual classes!

  • Click 'sign up' next to the class you wish to participate in.
  • Create a login to reserve your spot for class - be sure to remember your account information to sign up for future classes!
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Class Descriptions:

Develop muscular strength & endurance through easy to follow routines challenging every major muscle.

Quick Fixx
Athletic drills & dynamic movements for a high energy cardiovascular & strength workout.

Progressive training program. Recommended 4 days/ week. Virtual program blends independent training with group accountability.
Mon/Wed - Strength Building
Tues/Thurs - Metabolic Conditioning 

A full-body conditioning, high intensity class using traditional fitness moves that are synced with the beat of the music.

Cardio Kickbox
Enjoy a great cardio workout through upper & lower body kickboxing moves while building a strong core

Barefoot Power
Gain strength and flexibility through this barefoot (optional) class incorporating barre, strength, yoga, and Pilates movements

Yoga Basics
Basic poses on which to build a practice. Good for those new to yoga

Alexander Technique - Mind in Motion (AT MIM)
Gentle sequence of gravity-assisted movements & stretches. Supports spinal & postural health

Yin Restore
Longer held poses to offer a deep stretch. Must be able to sit or lie on the floor

Prenatal & Postnatal
Come for a workout utilizing appropriate cardio and strength training techniques for before or after pregnancy.

Upper 30/Lower 30
30 minute class developing muscular strength & endurance through exercises focused on upper or lower body 

Active Older Adult (AOA)
Class will be led through a variety of exercises that will challenge the body’s strength, coordination, stability, and cardiovascular health.

Miss a class? Check our Facebook and Youtube videos for previously recorded classes!
Questions? Please email dahlcgfleads@mayo.edu.

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