December 28, 2018

EX4 Finisher


It's not how you start, it's how you finish!

This metabolic finisher will have you literally dropping to the floor (yes, we mean burpees) and challenging your effort in just 2 minutes of work!

The plan: complete your regular scheduled workout for the day, and end it with this 2-minute finisher.

The Finisher: Set a timer for 2 minutes. Once you press start, you will complete AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:
5 squats
5 push-ups
5 burpees

The goal: Once your 2 minutes are up, sum up the total number of reps completed in 2 minutes and this will give you a baseline to use to beat the next time this finisher is performed. We recommend repeating this finisher once every 2-4 weeks to compete against yourself, push your limits, and continue progressing with your physical activity!

This is an example finisher that you'll find in our new EX4 class, which you can begin registering for January 7th.

You can find more information on our EX4 class here!

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