November 21, 2018


With rotating schedules and inconsistent workout times, it makes it difficult to get to the gym...
We understand. We listened. And we introduce to you our new ongoing offering: EX4

A progressive group training that allows for flexible scheduling and multi-week sessions.

How to get started: Register at the front desk for a 30-minute group training consult to discuss training options for you. Join at any time! Sessions start Jan 7.

When: Classes will be available Monday - Friday.

Cost: varies
Single session: $5
5 class package: $25
10 class package: $47.50
15 class package: $67.50
20 class package: $85.00

Next Steps:
1. Purchase an EX4 package that is best for you.
(1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 session packages available)

2. After purchasing plan, follow steps to create account on member portal here.

3. Sign up for classes online at your convenience.

*Note: Late cancellation or no show results in loss of one purchased session.

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