November 29, 2016

Mulling Spices



Tis’ the season for savory drinks that warm the heart. This month we are sharing a recipe that you can make on your own to mull tea, wine or cider. It also makes a perfect gift for family, friends, neighbors or colleagues. Cheers!

3 cinnamon sticks
2 whole nutmeg
4 whole cloves
1 star anise
6 allspice berries
1 T. dried orange peel
8 squares of cheesecloth 4”x4”
8 lengths of butcher’s twine 4”

Place all ingredients into a large zip lock bag and hit with the flat side of a meat tenderizer until well crushed. Divide into cheesecloth squares and tie off with butcher’s twine. Makes 8 spice bags.

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