May 1, 2015

Hello Summer = Good-bye Gym

By Chad - Your 5k-Marathon Run Coach

DAHLC-1220Summer is arriving and like every other fellow Minnesotan, the hop is back in my step, as the weather is warming up, the number number of daylight hours are increasing and I long to spend every minute possible outdoors.  There is still plenty of sunlight left to enjoy after work in the evening.

I am able to head home after work and go for a run, take a walk or go to the park with the family, work in the garden, play in the yard, or sit on the deck and enjoy some sunshine.

Winter's a good time to stay in and use the treadmill at the gym.  But put me in summer and I'll be a happy, outdoor runner.

Summer brings me joy but it also brings a schedule full of activities with vacations, races, baseball games, family events, outdoor recreation leagues, gatherings with friends and so much more.  This also leads to the struggle of finding time to get to the gym to maintain my strength training since my social calendar is full.  In the fall, I always feel like the progress I had made with strength training over the winter was lost in the summer and face starting all over again the next fall.

small group training or equipment introductionThis year is going to be different for me.  I'm going to stop by the front desk at the DAHLC and sign up for a Small Group Training, this will get me to commit to coming to the gym at least once a week to help me maintain my strength training.  I'm calling this my "Summer Resolution".  This summer resolution commitment is similar to other summer activities, I just need to mark it on the calendar before it populates with other activities.

I'm excited about the arrival of summer  but I'm also excited about committing to a Small Group Training so that I can maintain my strength over the summer and not dread the fall training along with the cold days.  In addition, I'll  be at less risk for injury when playing a sport, working in the yard, and playing catch with the kids.

It is not too late to sign up, sessions are open.  Stop by the front desk to begin your next step towards improving your strength.

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