January 19, 2015

Come on in – the water is fine!

By Meg Prentice

DAHLC-8011The popularity of using water for exercise is growing by leaps and bounds.  Exercising in the water can provide a challenging, yet comfortable workout for the body. People are realizing there are many benefits to working out in the water. Here are a few reasons to get moving in the pool: 

  • It is easy on the joints. Exercising in waist deep water means only 50% of the body’s weight needs to be supported. This greatly reduces the impact on joints during exercise.
  • It is good for the heart. Warm water exercise reduces blood pressure, and heart rates in the water are generally 12-15 beats per minute lower than on land while performing the same activity at the same intensity level.
  • It is an efficient way to move. Water walking or jogging burns more calories than walking or jogging on land.
  • It provides resistance in every direction. No matter which way you move, working out in the pool promotes muscular endurance and tone.
  • It is comfortable. During a water workout, water continually cools the body, making it a comfortable form of exercise.
  • It promotes increased flexibility. In the pool, joint mobility is enhanced by the lessened effects of gravity.

We hope to see you in the pool soon!

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