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Oct 1, 2014 · 2 Replies

Have you worked your back lately?

By Desiree - Coach @ahrensdesiree

While I love the feeling of pushing something heavy in front of me just as much as the next lifter, I know the back of my body is just as important. From the hunched over desk-bound worker to the super-fit bench presser, we can all benefit from strengthening our back muscles. For example, if you bench press (working the chest muscles/front of your body), then it would benefit you to do a back row (working the back muscles/back of your body). Similarly, if you push something over your head as in a shoulder press (working the shoulders) then your body would benefit from pulling something down such as a lat pulldown (working the mid-low back).

Some great exercises to work your back:

Cable Back Row:

Cable Row 2DAHLC-1512










Lat Pull-Down (Read more here about properly doing a Lat Pull-Down):

Lat Pull 1-WM

Lat Pull 2-WM










Now that you’ve focused on your back…don’t forget your front! Some great counter moves to the back muscles mentioned include:

Chest press:

Chest Press 1-WMChest Press 2-WM








Shoulder (Military) Press:












In general when making your own strength training workout, making sure to work opposing muscle groups, your front and your back, will give you a well-rounded workout and a well-balanced body. Have fun!

-Coach Desiree

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Posted by @gudmundson, Oct 2, 2014

Thanks for this wonderful guide Desiree! Will there be more of these blogs in the future?


Posted by @ahrensdesiree, Oct 2, 2014

Yes, Nick! I look forward to providing future blogs. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

~ Coach Desiree

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