Mr. Dan Abraham, founder of Slim-Fast, is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist and because of his ideas, the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC) has been made possible. Mr. Abraham shared that he funded the Center because, “Mayo Clinic saved my life many times and then helped me to improve my health and performance dramatically. I was so grateful to Mayo and its staff that I wanted to do something to express my thanks. This healthy living center is my gift to the Mayo people so you can continue to be the best in serving others.”

Our mission is to provide an exceptional member-driven fitness experience. The staff strives to offer the best member service there is. Each team member is a piece of the puzzle to accomplish our mission. We have go-to specialists that answer questions, assist with membership details and provide daily smiles to all! Our fitness team provides motivation and expertise in numerous daily drop-in classes to help members reach their goals.

To uphold our mission and to best align with Mayo Clinic's culture of values, we have four principles to support a welcoming environment for all members.

COMPASSION for each other. We want to show compassion to one another by the way we conduct ourselves in matters of clothing, language, helpfulness and generosity. Please consider each other and practice courtesy at all times.

RESPECT for our facility. We take pride in this facility and all its offerings.

Your SAFETY is essential. We consider safety at all times and avoid unsafe or unhygienic practices, whether in the locker rooms, whirlpool/steam room areas or the fitness floor.

Your PRIVACY is important. We respect each other's privacy by being mindful of phone usage and other technology that may be distracting or invasive to others around us. 

The first Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center opened as an amenity for Mayo Clinic staff in 1995, followed by a second facility that has been in service since 1998. The Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center building opened in 2007. With additional support from Mr. Abraham, a four-floor expansion opened in 2014, extending its mission to patients and, through the Center’s innovations and discoveries, to people everywhere. Since its inception, the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center has earned recognition as a national leader among corporate wellness programs.