February 25, 2022

Member Success Story: Sara M.


What type of change did you make in your life, or what goal did you set out to achieve? I wanted to work on improving my running time and endurance. I also wanted to increase my weight training, in addition to my overall fitness. During the pandemic, thanks to the dedication of the trainers, I was able to keep up and stay fit by attending EX4 classes virtually. By the end of last year, 2021, I felt that to reach my goals in running and strength, I needed to add more to my fitness routine with equipment and training that I couldn't access at home. I returned to the gym and started back with EX4 (now named Strength and Endurance). I also branched out to Strength Club to complement my running with weight training and started attending Run Club about five weeks ago.

What are some of the challenges you faced that elicited that change or made you want to go for that goal? What barriers did you run into while pursuing your goal? I felt that I was getting stagnant in my training, and my run times and endurance were lagging. I was hitting the wall so quickly when running and felt like I was going backward with my times and stamina. The most significant barrier to pursuing my goal was that the gym wasn't open for so long, and then I didn't think I could do the training in a mask. However, I found I can train in a mask and that if you want to reach your goals, the work is sometimes hard and uncomfortable. But the results are worth it.

What factors helped you make that change or helped you achieve your goal? List any specific services you used at the DAHLC. The most significant factors in achieving my goals were the trainers. Without them, I would not have pushed as hard and seen as much improvement as I have. Chad in Run Club has been phenomenal in pushing me, and I've made incredible progress. The Strength Club trainers, Anthony and Terri, encourage me to keep pushing through heavy strength workouts. They are also very vigilant with observing for proper form and injury prevention. Linde has been "fun" with the Thursday metabolic workouts. I can't say enough about the trainers' work, especially Lynn, but Heather and Linde too when the gym was closed. Without the virtual classes, I couldn't have maintained my fitness levels.

What would you tell someone in your old shoes who doesn't know where to start? Anything in particular that inspired you throughout your journey? Try a class and get to know the trainers. They are all very professional, have so much knowledge, and are willing to help get one started who doesn't know what to do. There are many different types of classes and trainings offered at the Dan. And even if you are in a class with someone who's been in classes forever, you will not feel like you are out of your depth. Everyone, trainers, and members too will encourage you to do what you can and help you along the way.

How does the future look different than it did before? I am excited to run a ten miler in March 2022. I think it's going to be a much better race thanks to the training I've been doing at the DAHLC.

I'm so happy the gym is open again. Visiting with friends that I've made through my fitness journey, in addition to the training, is a massive part of being back. Having those positive social interactions means as much to me as the workouts.

Thanks to the staff and my workout friends, the future is finally looking up after these last two years!

I am on the right (in green), and Cathy B. on the left running our half marathon in Nashville last November. Cathy has been a big part of my fitness routine and a buddy that has been a motivator to keep me going.

Helpful hint: Get a workout buddy; they often keep you honest!

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