February 25, 2022

March Staff Spotlight: Chad Fritsche


What is your favorite thing about your career? Working with runners in DAHLC Run Club. Working with any runner and watching them progress from week to week and accomplish race times they didn’t think was possible brings me a lot of joy. I also love working with the Active Older Adult group. They are the most appreciative and hard-working group, yet they bring so much fun and laughter to each session. Hearing their stories in class about how much of an impact the trainings have had on them brings a smile to my face every time. Both groups make me love what I do each day.

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? I’ve been referred by many as “Rain Man” in my abilities to count so quick. Playing cards against me is usually no fun so I stay away from that activity. The activity I don’t stay away from is bowling. I have bowled 2-300 games and 1-800 series in my career and usually sustain a 215-220 average each year.

What is your favorite way to spend your free time? My favorite ways to spend free time is with my family (wife, 2 girls, and pup). I love traveling and just shutting everything off and having fun. Watching Duke Basketball (I never thought in my lifetime I’d meet Coach K but was extremely lucky to meet him 3 years ago, a dream come true), Cubs baseball, Vikings football and going to sporting events is also a top favorite. I just love all things family and sports, bottom-line.

What motivates you? My health and family motivate me. I was given a beautiful life along with two precious girls and a wonderful wife in addition to great parents and in-laws. I work so hard each day taking care of my health so that I can be a good example for my girls and most importantly be around for them and participate in activities with them when they ask. I love going for a run with my two girls and dog every Friday. We don’t care how fast we go; its more socializing and being mindful.

Favorite food? Tough one! I LOVE TO COOK. My favorite foods are: Smash Burgers, Nashville chicken, a good gyro, and I love to smoke meat (brisket, shredded pork, ribs). I also love brussel sprouts and a good salad (my lunch every day).

Favorite movie? National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. “Are you serious, Clark?”

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