January 26, 2022

Member Success Story: Julia


What type of change did you make in your life? Or what goal did you set out to achieve?

After deciding on a change of career, I started the Radiography program full-time and working part-time. I was so concentrated on the recent changes in my life that working out was not on my mind until I realized I was stressed out and I needed time to myself. I knew working out has always helped me cope with stress whether it was going on a walk, running, hiking or going to the gym. I decided to join the DAHLC to help me.

What are some challenges you faced that elicited that change or that made you want to go for that goal? What barriers did you run into while pursuing your goal?

TIME, time is a big barrier that I continually face. Trying to balance school, work, family, and some time for myself has been difficult. When I first started going to the gym, I found myself repeating my routine because I was comfortable and really did not know what else to do. I did not want to try new machines because I was not sure I was using them correctly.

What are some factors that helped you make that change or that helped you achieve your goal? List any specific services you used at the DAHLC.

My friend joined the DAHLC with me and we started a program she used to do. After doing that for a little, we saw a sign for strength club. We decided to ask about it and started going the following week. We have now been going to strength club for about five months with great accomplishments. I have also recently gone to strength, and EX4, also great classes.

What would you tell or encourage someone who is in your old shoes and does not know where to start? Anything that inspired you throughout your journey?

Every little step you take to achieve your goal is moving forward. Staying consistent is important. Having a friend with you on your journey makes things more fun and motivating. If you ever find yourself at the DAHLC and feel like you do not know where to start, ask a staff member. They can give you information regarding the classes that are available and get you in the right direction.

How does the future look different than it did before?

The DAHLC has not only helped me relieve some stress, but I have met some amazing people including other members, staff, and coaches. Shout out to Ali, Drew, and Corey, coaches in the strength club. All classes that are available make things simple. You do not have to think of what you are going to do. Everything is set for you. Just show up and get it done. There is something for everyone, whether you are just starting or are looking for a challenge. I have also just found out about their hydro-massage. Highly recommended!

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