December 28, 2021

January Staff Spotlight: Craig Aug


What do you enjoy most about your position at the DAHLC? It is not only an honor but a humbling experience being selected to do this spotlight, but also working for this amazing place. I was diagnosed with MS in 2007, and five years ago I had the opportunity to apply for this position. What a game changer! The management and staff have been awesome. I can honestly say over my 20-year tenure, this is by far the best place I have worked. The members here are the motivation for me. Seeing them day in and day out, seeing the progress they have made and their smiles when they get done working out. This place is amazing.

Where did you work before joining the DAHLC Team? Before the DAHLC, I worked in patient care at St. Marys and downtown. I loved getting to know the patients and seeing them get better. The hardest part of patient care was working in pediatrics. There is nothing worse than seeing a child not feeling good. I have three kids myself. My eldest son is a pilot, graduated from UND. My daughter is currently at UMD and wants to go to medical school. My youngest son is 10, is in 5th grade and loves sports. His mother, my wife, also works at Mayo in Cancer research, and has been with Mayo for 17 years. 

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? I really don’t have any hidden talents, but I do enjoy all sports. I grew up playing hockey, baseball, and golf. I enjoy watching all sports and seeing how everything has evolved since I played.  The equipment is so much different.  Just think of Jack Nicholas playing with the equipment they have today, how many more records he would of broke.

What is your favorite movie? I am a big John Grisham fan. My favorite movie is Lincoln Lawyer.

If you could only eat one item for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? I am a very picky eater (my wife hates that) but if I was to pick something I could eat everyday without feeling guilty, it would be salmon. It’s expensive but they tell me its healthy. My wife says it’s boring but I like it.

What is one thing most members don’t know about you? This is kind of a of a tricky question. It all depends on the mood I am in, but staff, and members, get what they see.  I try to be the same person every day. I try not to let things bother me, to have fun and make the members feel good.  Thank you all for everything you do. It is truly my pleasure being part of this amazing team.

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