August 27, 2021

Member Success Story: Virtual classes to improve coordination

By delaney

When I started to take the AOA class about 18 months ago, I could not get up off the floor without assistance using my hands.  I can now get up off the floor without using my hands for balance or momentum!  I am thrilled!  Thanks so much for making me do the exercises to build those muscles and improve my balance.  I have learned that the exercises that I hate the most, are the ones I need to do the most!  Without your wonderful instruction and encouragement, I would not have achieved that accomplishment!  I wanted you to know that what you do truly makes a difference!  The virtual classes helped me immensely to get through the worst of the pandemic and the shutdown. The classes and your smiling faces truly helped my physical and emotional health! Thank you from the bottom of my healthy heart!!

-anonymous DAHLC member

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