July 22, 2021

Build Strength and Confidence with Strength Club!


Our strength club focuses on form checks, progressive overload, and the opportunity to ask strength questions to a trainer for a full hour! We will be focusing on the “big” lifts – bench, squat, deadlifts, and overhead press. Wherever you think you’re at in the strength game, we take on everyone!  Check out our class times and take the next step!

  • 3 Training days per week (Mon/Tues workout A, Wed/Thurs workout B, Fri/Sat workout C).
  • 4 Rotating (Overhead Press, Deadlift, Bench Press, Squat) 60 min workouts.
  • Workout includes Warm-up, Primary, and Assistance movements (3-4 exercises per session).
  • Training will be Pre-programmed in 4-8 week blocks.
  • Training will take place in Training Zone A (previous Member Rig space)
  • Drop-in (no registration)
  • No fee

Welcome to the club!

Please contact us with questions about Strength Club.




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