December 28, 2020

Jan – YOU – ary Wellness Journey!


The DAHLC invites YOU to complete one small daily activity focusing on your well-being through the month of January. There will be a variety of activities including fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, and all around fun.

Journey begins Monday, January 4 and ends Friday, January 29. How many days can you commit? Activities will be released on our website, Facebook and Instagram every Friday for the upcoming week. No sign up required! Check back here Friday, January 1 for the upcoming week challenges.

Enhance the experience of your Jan-YOU-ary Journey:

  • Joining our closed DAHLC Community Facebook group! We'd love to connect, share, and stay motivated with you!
  • Create teams and compete! Calculate totals of activities achieved at the end of each week to see which team is on top.
  • Create friendly competition and comradery using this Google doc template to allocate team members, tally up your teams total, compete with others, and keep yourself accountable! Since this is a shareable template, please make sure to hit "File", then "Make a copy" before editing your own.

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