March 27, 2020

Why Care About Carrots?


“I’d make a veggie joke, but no one would carrot all”

Veggies may not make great jokes, but they make great nutrition for our bodies. April’s produce of the month is carrots! These tasty vegetables are packed with beta carotene, fiber, and antioxidants. Did you know there are multiple varieties, colors, shapes and sizes of carrots? Challenge yourself to think beyond the typical orange, 12 inch carrot or baby carrots.  There are also yellow, white, purple, and even spiralized carrots! With so many ways to incorporate this beautiful vegetable into our meals, which one will you try?

  • Julianne carrots on top of a salad
  • Roast carrots in the oven at 400 degrees with olive oil, salt and pepper for 20 minutes
  • Chopped in a mirepoix (onions, carrots, and celery): the base in many French dishes
  • Snack on sweet, crunchy baby carrots for an easy on the go snack

We look forward to getting back into the DAHLC demo kitchen with everyone. Be well! Eat a carrot!

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