January 9, 2020

2020 Member Moment #1: Emily Fletcher


I feel like I was in really good shape and working hard to stay healthy and physically active before getting diagnosed with Breast Cancer in September of 2016.  I ended up needing chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.  It was really hard for me to become so weak after each chemo treatment but then I really focused on getting active again when I felt good before having another treatment.  I think this really helped me stay mentally and emotionally well too.  

After having a double mastectomy and radiation and multiple other surgeries due to infection I  was pretty wiped out and felt I needed a little jump start.  This is when I came back to the Dan Abraham and started Foundations in Fitness with Linde. Linde was so supportive and helped me safely work on exercising but not overdoing it.  I worked with a great group of women that were fun and very supportive of each other. After the session with Linde I moved to the next level with Andy.  This was also a great experience.  The class kept me motivated and pushed me a little harder.  Andy was super good at helping me do different activities that worked with some of my limited range of motion.  Because I had multiple surgeries I feel like I was constantly being challenged to lift myself back up and start again.  This was good for me because I realized there isn’t a finish line.

Everything I am doing is important even if it is tiny steps forward, I am still moving forward. It has been since August that I have had a surgery so I am picking myself up again and working to get stronger day by day. I tend to do more group fitness classes now because they tend to work better for my schedule.  I wanted to let you know where I was coming from, below I will answer your questions.

What type of change did you make in your life? Or what goal did you set out to achieve?
My main goal now is to try to move my body every day. If it isn’t cardio or lifting weights then I do Yoga or go for a walk.

What are some challenges you faced that elicited that change or that made you want to go for that goal? What barriers did you run into while pursuing your goal?
 I feel like getting out and raising my heart rate or stretching really helps me focus and I realize what a gift a working body is.  I don’t want to take that for granted and use every day I have to its fullest potential.

What are some factors that helped you make that change or that helped you achieve your goal? List any specific services you used at the DAHLC.
I have had an excellent medical team that has encouraged me to stay active.  I am also grateful I am able to go to the DAHLC and really appreciate all the support I have received from staff as well as other members. I also have an amazing network of friends.  I can usually call someone to meet me for a walk or come to a class. My husband and I also love to exercise together and he has been my biggest supporter and always cheers me on.

What would you tell or encourage someone with who is in your old shoes and doesn’t know where to start? Anything in particular that inspired you throughout your journey?
I would say to someone who is going through a hard time to just do one thing that is more than what you are doing now.  Take a walk around the block, go up and down some stairs, take a class, join a community.  Just start somewhere and take baby steps everyday because those all add up. Even on days I didn’t feel great and a shower was a difficult task or I didn’t know if I could walk up a flight of stairs, I started with one stair and increased it every day. 

How does the future look different than it did before?
I really am so grateful for my health and the amazing things my body CAN do!

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