March 20, 2019

Spring Greens Are Here!

By Tom Jorgenson

With spring upon us, you may be thinking about planting your garden or attending the farmers market for fresh produce. April’s produce of the month is leafy greens which are packed with nutrients like calcium, folate as well as Vitamins A, C and K. Think beyond kale and spinach and consider trying arugula, Swiss chard, collard greens, or mustard greens.

You may find some of the greens with tougher leaves like collard/mustard greens or kale to be more enjoyable lightly steamed or cooked into dishes. Consider these ideas below to include these nutritional and versatile ingredients into your meals:

Add them into a salad, a taco or even use the lettuce leaves as wraps themselves.

Blend them into a smoothie or a sauce to top whole wheat pasta.

Cook them into an omelet, a soup or a stir-fry.

The options are endless, so get in the kitchen and enjoy those leafy greens!

In health,

Kristen, Mayo Clinic R.D.

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