November 13, 2018

Cranberries  – good for you and for making silly faces


Cranberries are in season! These small, round, bright red berries are bursting with… sour.  Yes, sour.  Let’s have more fun with the taste description and call it “wrinkle your nose tartness”.  Most commonly found in a sauce, dried, or as juice, cranberries’ sour taste is balanced with the sweetness of added sugar or other juices.  But you need not add any sugar to enjoy these berries – or you can certainly add less.

These sour berries – fresh or dried, pair well with savory flavors like chicken or turkey.  They will liven up wild rice or other grain pilafs and salads. Ease into the tartness by adding a few to your dishes. Then don’t worry about how many you add (unless you are on blood thinners) as there is only 25 calories in a ½ cup of fresh cranberries.

Cranberries, like many berries, are a good source fiber and vitamin C, an anti-oxidant.  Additionally, the phytonutrients in cranberries may be anti-inflammatory. All may prove beneficial for better circulation, a healthy heart, and in cancer prevention.

Want to learn more about how to select, store, and enjoy fresh cranberries? Join us in the DAHLC demo kitchen this month where we will be making silly faces as we wrinkle our noses exploring these tart berries.

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