July 25, 2018

Member Success: Megan

By Tom Jorgenson

Megan was in a tough spot as she transitioned into a new position at Mayo. But with her hard work, persistence, and the help from her coach, Nicole, Well-Being Specialist at the DAHLC, Megan was able to overcome her challenging life alteration and find the work/life balance she needed to be happy and achieve her goals. Listen from her on how she did it:

"At the time I was going through a bunch of changes. I had just switched nursing jobs from an outpatient to an inpatient department. All of a sudden I was working nights and weekends and I wanted to make sure I still made time to focus on me. 🙂

Some of my goals revolved around maintaining my healthy habits during this transition. It was also nice to talk with my coach about what makes me feel successful in a job. I learned that I feel good about myself when I feel as though I helped someone. I got feedback at my old job often that told me I was helpful, but the nature of my new job did not offer the same amount of feedback. My coach and I came up with a plan of how I could ask for feedback from others and/or create my own feedback/self-assessment. This process helped me to leave my new job each day with more satisfaction.

The biggest challenge for me was my schedule changing so much. I had to learn how to sleep during the day when I worked overnights. I had to learn when the best time to work out despite my ever-changing schedule. When I worked 12 hour shifts 3 days in a row, I had to relearn and redefine what healthy eating is for me. Nicole, my coach, and objectively the best coach of all 😉 helped me through all of my changes and challenges. What was great is that the goals I had in the beginning changed with me!

The biggest factor that helped me make that change was my coach, Nicole, who was so imperative to me being successful. She was the person who held me accountable, though if I ever fell short of my goals, she was never judging about it. The lack of judgment from Nicole was so important because it taught me that if I didn’t reach my goal the first time, that was totally okay. I just had to look at the situation, regroup and have a different plan/goal. I used to think if I didn’t reach my goal that meant I failed. Through coaching, I learned that not reaching a goal can be an opportunity to learn more about myself than if I had accomplished the task to begin with.

I would recommend coaching to any and everyone! It is so amazing; there is absolutely nothing to lose!!! Since all the goals are set by you (with your coach’s help) your time is spent working on what you want to work on. There is also so much flexibility and no penalty for changing things up. Unless you are perfect, there is something you can work on, so why do it alone? It is way more fun to have a coach!

I look at the future with more possibilities than I did before, because I know I can make changes and reevaluate my goals. This freedom of possibilities has allowed me to take chances that I might not have otherwise. Coaching has helped me understand how to successfully make changes in my life.

Nicole is the coolest person ever. She is a wonderful coach that is so passionate about helping others change. She is a remarkable person, I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. Thank you so much!"

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