March 26, 2018

Member Success with Wellness Coaching


Amanda tried dieting and exercising for years but still wasn't experiencing the results she expected. She underwent two emergency surgeries the year prior and was struggling getting back to her normal healthy self. Amanda knew she had to change something, so she decided to enroll in wellness coaching. The most influential change was in her nutritional choices, and she realized how crucial meal planning was to making the healthy choices easier. Although this took more effort, she started small and improved each week. "The better I felt, the easier it was to choose the healthier options."

Some obstacles that arose for her included having the time and money that focused on healthier nutrition. Amanda works full time, is a full-time student and has a family with whom she wants to spend time. With all of this, it's a challenge to say the least to also prioritize eating right, but she learned it was so worth it.

"I decided to join the DAHLC because I knew it was more than a gym membership, and I was excited to utilize everything it had to offer. I signed up for wellness coaching because I needed to be more accountable in my decision making. I set goals to try everything, and although I haven’t tried it all, my favorite part of the membership is the small group training. I am now on my fourth round of training and love it. It helps me reach my goal to work out several times a week and plan time for myself each week. I have also completed the training assessment and the DEXA scans to help me track my progress. Although not a DAHLC service, I met with a dietitian a few times to review nutritional planning and progress."

As a result of Amanda's intentional investment in her health, she has become more realistic with her goals and understands the commitment it takes to be her healthiest self. She reports that her future looks more achievable than it did before as she now has the tools, resources and knowledge to make those healthier decisions and invest in herself. "If I don’t succeed right away I keep trying different things that help me reach that goal."

Lastly, Amanda encourages others to make the same decision to focus on their personal wellness as it changed her life for the better. Regarding wellness coaching, she added, "Never once was I told what to do, it was a discussion that led me to this conclusion. A realization like the light bulb turned on."

Amanda, thank you for being an example to all of us on the importance of investing time and attention on our health and well-being goals!


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Keep up the great work Amanda and thank you for sharing your story with us! I just wanted to let members know we do offering 1:1 Nutrition consultations. Check out the details at the following link or contact us at

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