December 22, 2017

The Amazing 12 Workout!


Complete all 4 grouped exercises (1a-d) in a circuit-like fashion moving from one to another with no rest between exercises. Once all 4 exercises are complete, rest 15-30 seconds, then repeat the 4 exercises for two more rounds.

1a) DB (dumbbell) alternate reverse lunges x 6 reps per leg
1b) DB bent-over rows x 12 reps
1c) DB shoulder press x 12 reps
1d) Walk, jog, or sprint around track (depending on fitness level)
*Repeat 3 rounds

2a) DB hip thrust x 12 reps
2b) ST (suspension training) high row x 12 reps
2c) BW (body weight) push ups x 12 reps
2d) DB farmer's carry around track
*Repeat 3 rounds

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