November 29, 2017

Give Yourself Permission

By Nicole - Coach

When you want to explore an idea, take a break, or change direction in life – do you ask others for permission?  Are you someone who will consider options and make a decision based on your values and resources, or do you tend to set aside your own priorities and sacrifice your health, sanity, or integrity to please others?

A broad definition of ‘permission’ is consent, authorization, an ‘ok’ – basically, approval from others.  Permission can be appropriate and useful in many circumstances; however, a pattern of repeated sacrifices to one’s health and well-being can be harmful, including when practiced as self-loathing.  Habits of trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses', feed someone else’s ego, or serve someone else’s values damage one’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Steps to practice in giving yourself permission:

  • Take time to really evaluate your core values.
  • Pay attention to (and maybe change) the language you use with yourself.
  • Learn more about setting healthy boundaries: Talk to a qualified coach or counselor.
  • Remember to consider the context in which you and others behave – we all have a story.
  • Are you a human? Human’s make mistakes. Humans change their minds.
  • Consider the Higher Principles of Gratitude, Acceptance, Compassion, Meaning, and Forgiveness.

The tough stuff can also be the most meaningful, the most healing. These practices include setting and keeping boundaries; showing compassion for self and others; and adapting to circumstances while maintaining integrity.  I “dare” you to give yourself permission: to take an extra moment of quiet time, to step away from your work station for lunch, to read a book simply for fun.  Best wishes!


-Nicole Burow, Health & Wellness Coach

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