September 20, 2017

7 Ways to Better Your Nutrition with Apples!

By Margaret Gall

Autumn ushers in cooler weather for the beloved football fans and seasonal produce for cooking heartier meals - a welcoming change from summer BBQs and picnics. Various squashes, root vegetables, and apples are just a few staples to keep on hand for revving up your nutrition this fall season. Let’s focus on the ever popular apple – a staple fruit throughout history. Packed with flavor and nutrients, it may indeed help keep the doctor away! Apples are naturally cholesterol free with trace amounts of fat and sodium, and provide a good source of vitamin C. Enjoy an unpeeled apple to gain more nutritional value - especially fiber. Expand your palate with different apples – try the  Empire (cross between the McIntosh and the Red Delicious), or the  Fuji  for a natural sweet snack! Besides snacks, here are some ways to enjoy your favorite apple:

  1. Add diced apples to cooked cereal (e.g., oatmeal) - add a dash of cinnamon
  2. Make a batch of applesauce or apple butter – flavor with allspice
  3. Thinly slice apples and add to a grilled cheese sandwich or on top of toast with a nut butter spread
  4. Add diced apples to cooked whole grains – brown rice, quinoa
  5. Combine apples with your favorite salad greens or cabbage slaw
  6. Use apples in your smoothie – add a dash of cinnamon and honey
  7. And lastly, enjoy the Traditional Apple Pie!

For healthy recipes ideas, check out these web sites:
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Eat Well!

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