May 21, 2017

Getting to Know 5 Kitchen Knives

By Kate- Dietitian

There are enough kitchen gadgets to fill entire stores. But ask a chef for advice and they will likely tell you their essential tool is a good knife. In the kitchen, a knife is as important as one’s fingers as they are an extension of a chef’s hand. Your ambitions may not include being a professional chef; however, having the right tools and know-how to use them is a great skill when it comes to efficiency in your kitchen.

There are wide array of knives.  What ones do you really need?

  1. Chef (or French) knife: is an all-purpose knife with an 8-12 inch blade
  2. Serrated Slicer (or boning knife): is often used for cutting meat or fish, generally a longer blade. Blade can be straight or serrated.
  3. Utility knife: is general purpose, lighter and smaller in size
  4. Bread knife: a type of slicer, often serrated
  5. Paring knife: trimming or pealing fruit and vegetables or small items, 2-4 inch blade

Beyond this list, there are specialty knives such as cleavers and fillet knives.

Here are a couple tips for you:

  1. Find the knife that best suits you. Hold the handle. Do you like the material, the shape, the weight? Is the blade a comfortable length?
  2. Care for you knife. Knives are easily dulled if used and stored improperly. Keep it clean but don’t put it in the dishwasher.
  3. Despite how much you like your knife, don’t try to catch it if it falls. Get your hands and toes out of the way.

Source: The Professional Chef, the Culinary Institute of America, Chapter 5.

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