May 15, 2017

“I am hoping to build community”

By Nicole Block

When we make an effort to improve our own personal well-being, no matter big or small, we are one step closer to being our best healthiest self! Pam Horlitz is very enthusiastic about wellness. She became a Wellness Champion because she had made a few changes in her own life and was excited to work in the Professional and Community Center (PCC). Pam says, “I am hoping to build community with the employees at the PCC and enhance the work we are all doing to be healthy.”

Pam is a Community Engagement Specialist (part of Public Affairs) for the SEMN Region. She spends most of her time in Red Wing and her office is in the PCC in Red Wing. She hopes to inspire others by eating healthy, being active, and living with gratitude. Since becoming a Wellness Champion, Pam provides her co-workers and friends with continuous encouragement by engaging in great conversation, sending  e-mails, and organizing celebrations in the building. Pam says “We recently celebrated Pi Day—on 3.14 and I brought a healthy veggie pie!”

She also frequently has walking meetings with the community members she works with and hopes to establish walking groups with the staff in her building. In addition to her work and role as a Wellness Champion, Pam loves to play with her grandchildren, bike, walk, stand up paddle board, snow shoe and blow bubbles.

Thank you Pam for your dedication as a Wellness Champion and inspiring and motivating your fellow colleagues!


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