April 27, 2017

Well-Being with a Purpose Reached its $50,000 Goal!


More than 2,400 Mayo Clinic employees participated in the Well-being with a Purpose challenge, achieving goals to get physically active and raise $50,000! Thanks to generous patient benefactors, Mike and Cathy Schultz, five departments across Mayo Clinic will receive funds that will advance practice and research to support patients.

During this 4-week challenge, employees logged a total of 1,993,080 minutes of physical activity and burned 10,916,162 calories. All teams had more than a 95% participation rate by team members recording at least 20 minutes of physical activity three times per week. The following is a list of how much each team earned, with Neuroscience (Team Rob) receiving the bonus with the highest participation rate from its team members at 116%:

  1. Neuroscience (Team Rob) = $20,344 *includes bonus*
  2. Oncology (Team Sandy) = $9,240
  3. Cardiovascular (Team Kieran) = $7,972
  4. General Fund = $6,354
  5. Transplant (Team Joseph) = $6,090

Participants shared personal stories and motivated their teammates to keep moving. Here is a message from one of the participants sharing her motivation for doing the challenge:

“The biggest motivation I got was to help and support Mayo Clinic where we as a team were able to help our patients by funding the advancement of our practice and research. So, the more we move, the more our patients benefit. It gives an immense satisfaction that by joining the challenge, we were not only taking care of our patients, but also taking care of ourselves as well.” – Arpita Maloo, Information Technology

Congratulations to all the participants for making your minutes count and cheering on your teammates for the patients at Mayo Clinic.

Even though this campaign has ended, employees are encouraged to keep living a healthy lifestyle. You can continue using the Perk Health app to record your minutes of physical activity, set goals and keep yourself on track. Also, reach out to a Wellness Champion in your work area or visit the Well-Being website (internal link) for more information on how to incorporate healthier options every day.

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