March 1, 2017

March Leadership Article

By Beth Riley

Happy National Nutrition Month! We know cooking can be a struggle some days with the busyness of the week, but we are here to help you with time-saving tips in the kitchen. Be sure to stop by the Nutrition Corner Board that is displayed throughout the facility and features a different topic each month. This board contains multiple handouts available for you to take and implement to continue a healthy lifestyle. We also have our newest nutrition program called Get Your Diet In Gear that incorporates a cycling workout while discussing the Mayo Clinic Diet Book, “Lose it & Live it Phases”. In addition to these offerings available to you as a member, we are also continuing to provide you the opportunity to learn more about nutrition with our culinary classes. These live demonstrations are filled with tips and ideas from our dietitians and chef. This month will feature: Pot O’ Lentils on March 9th or the 22nd. Only $4 to attend and you get to sample the food!

In this month’s newsletter, we are featuring 7 quick nutrition tips that will help you in selecting items at the grocery store and preparing meals for you and your family. The workout is a quick 30-minute cardio blast that can be done at the center, at home, or on vacation. It’s one that you can take with you wherever you go! For our recipe, we are sharing roasted vegetables. This is an easy and healthy way to prepare various types of veggies. Lastly, hear from our member, Melody, as she started her journey with a wellness consultation to lose weight, but what she found is what it looks like to pursue health in all its facets.

In health,
Paul Limburg, M.D., Medical Director
and Beth Riley, Director

Click here for the March Newsletter.

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