February 1, 2017

February Leadership Message

By Beth Riley

February is American Heart Month, and we want to encourage you to keep up with your healthy activities to prevent heart disease and other illnesses. We know it takes hard work and dedication to walk through our doors, but if it means celebrating extra birthdays with the ones you love, then it is completely worth it. This is a reminder to continue to take care of your heart and be proud of what you are doing each day. We are!

With our focus on heart health this month, we are sharing 10 ways to stay motivated to reach your 2017 goals. These ideas will help you create a clear path so you continue to stay active, eat healthy and take time for yourself. For our workout, we paired five cardio machines with five pieces of rig equipment to give you various workout ideas that may encourage you to try something new. For the recipe, we are featuring a heart-healthy Blackened Fish with Mango Salsa. It’s light and flavorful! Lastly, you will hear from our member, Heather, who is a Mayo Clinic employee and a busy mom with two children. She shares her story about how she never previously thought about fitness or wellness goals and is now focused on her health and even participating in various running events.

In health,
Paul Limburg, M.D., Medical Director,
and Beth Riley, Director

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Quick Links to the articles:
-10 Ways to Stay Motivated
-5 Workout Combination Ideas
-Blackened Fish with Mango Salsa
-Member Success: Heather

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