January 26, 2017

“Leadership really does need to take the reins”

By Nicole Block

Sometimes when others inspire us it fuels our actions. This is true for Jessica
Nachreiner, Radiology Manager for St. James and Springfield, MN Radiology Departments in the Southwest Minnesota Region of MCHS. Jessica shares, “I am lucky to have Sarah Jacobs in my department as a fellow wellness champion.  She constantly inspires me, and in turn, I try to inspire others by modeling good “wellness” behavior.  I try to not only talk the talk but walk the walk. I participate in the wellness challenges, and encourage staff to take time to take care of themselves.  I believe leadership really does need to take the reins and help lead by modeling good behavior.”

Jessica admits, “In the beginning, becoming a Wellness Champion was purely me being selfish. I figured if I wasn’t a Wellness Champion I would find excuses to not participate, but if I was more involved, I would be more apt to participate. Over time I realized I wanted to be at the forefront of wellness initiatives being rolled out, and be able to give input for what would work at our site(s).”
“I believe leadership really does need to take the reins and help lead by modeling good behavior.” 
Jessica and her fellow Wellness Champions really know how to get participation. One way is by offering site events recognizing special days or months like National Parfait Day.

In 2017, St. James Wellness Champions have a goal to start a Wellness Pantry for staff; offering healthy snacks at a very low cost. They have a few hurdles to overcome, and understand they may need to change things along the way. Jessica knows the importance of giving staff a voice and said, “This idea was based on feedback from a recent staff survey we did, and we wanted to find a way to offer it.”


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