January 3, 2017

“I believe it’s the small things that count”

By Nicole Block

New Year’s Resolutions pose as a great opportunity to improve well-being. If you want your willpower to last all year, consider finding a support system to help you along the way.  For Nora Noureldin, an Admin Assistant in Quality Academy, she has had a lot of practice inspiring others to focus on their health anora-noureldin-imagend well-being. She says, “I became a wellness champion because I grew up with a house of champions. I was born and raised in Chicago— my mother is a gym teacher and my father used to be a professional bodybuilder. I grew up very health conscious. When I moved to Rochester, and started working at Mayo Clinic, it was a change of life style for me. Becoming a wellness champion is very important for me because it reminds me of my family and the importance of self-care. I believe it is small things that count, you never know how busy you are until you stop and take a moment to do something for yourself. By simply being kind, considerate and inclusive it is those actions that not only internally inspire but also motivates others to do the same.”

Nora understands how important it is to focus on making time for well-being. She’s become creative with how she connects her colleagues to their healnora-noureldinth and each other.  From sending fun emails, to incorporating Reset Videos into her workgroups agenda, or even having the Caring Canines from Integrative Medicine come to her area to encourage staff take their break—Nora is willing to spread wellness any way she can. One offering that she helped coordinate was a football potluck. She says, “We had many activates like throwing a mini football through a target that was across the room. We also had a questionnaire on the board where people would answer questions about football and who ever got the most correct answers would win a prize. We advertised to bring healthy snacks for the
potluck. It was a fun event in which everyone had lunch together and played some activities. We also had a donation box in the hallway for The Sandra J. Schulze American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. I sent out the list of items that they could donate and my wellness champion partner and I would drop them off at Ronald McDonald House.”

What inspires you for 2017?

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