January 1, 2017

Member Success: Charis Johnson



Charis had always been an active person as she participated in many high school sports and kept in great shape. Fast forward to loads of studying in nursing school combined with poor nutrition, and she gained over 60 pounds. “When I started working as a nurse, people said “oh you’ll walk it off”, but I somehow managed to gain another 20 pounds. Since then, the battle has been constant. I have always been a “dieter.” I found a lot of these [diets] to be great ways to kick-start my weight loss, but the results never lasted long term.”

By September 2015, Charis decided to change her lifestyle completely by tracking her food intake and strength training 4-5 days a week. She participated in her first Strength Endurance session with Health & Wellness Coach, Brian S., and continued to enroll in the program regularly. She commented, “Over the last year I have worked mostly with Anthony S (you rock!), who has pushed me and developed new workouts that made me sweat in places I didn’t know I had places! By the time I reached 5 months of dedication to my strength training and nutrition changes, I already felt like a different person.”

Charis set out to lose 60-80 pounds that year, but as she met that goal within several months, she decided to go for 100 pounds instead! “I continued to work my butt off doing strength training 5 days a week and also incorporating rowing, cycling, Quick Fixx, anything else I could for cardio.  I have also enjoyed Stress Less, Laughter Yoga, nutrition courses, and I became a member of the Member Advisory Board (MAB) for the DAHLC roughly one year ago. I have come to love pushing myself in the gym (after all who will do it when Terri isn’t around?), and I am excited to see how far I can push myself in the next year.”

“Some days, I didn’t feel like working out or doing anything, but the group fitness classes and the friendly faces at the front desk (Scott, Shaun, and Lisa to name a few regulars!), kept me motivated and coming back. I have come to love everyone at the DAHLC.”

Charis, we love you too and are so proud to have you as such an inspirational member. Way to go, girl!

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Way to go Charis!!! Super proud of you!


From another successful member, Way to go and keep it up!


Charis, what an inspiring story! Thank you for opening up, letting someone interview you, and publishing this article. Keep up the amazing work. I hope I run into you at the DAHLC one of these days.

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