November 10, 2016

7 ways to be mindful of Thanksgiving calories

By Kate- Dietitian

Running-TurkeyThanksgiving may rank as one of my favorite holidays.  From a food perspective, what could be better than a holiday that seems to focus on that?  Yes, I love the food – the smell of a turkey in the oven, grandma’s mashed potatoes and stuffing, crisp green beans sprinkled with silvered almonds, and cranberries. Yum.  I know the reality can be too much food - big portions, feeling stuffed, and all the calories.  Some reports state some people will eat as many as 4000 calories in this meal.  Thanksgiving doesn’t have to leave you feeling uncomfortable or regretful.  Like any day, we have the opportunity to eat nutritious foods in a reasonable portion. Try a few of these tips:

  1. Earn your meal: Sign up to get in a great workout at the DAHLC on Wednesday, Nov 25 for our one-hour Turkey Earn class! At 6am you can choose to Climb, Carve and Connect or Pedal, Push and Roll. Cost is $10 due upon registration.
  2. Where to start: A small plate will help keep your portions in check.  If your only option is a larger plate, keep the portions the size of your fist or smaller and leave space between foods (no touching! i.e., no overfilling of the plate).
  3. Fill up and keep calories down: As appetizers are on the buffet table, offer a variety of vegetables and fruits.  The water and fiber in these goodies will fill your stomach and leave less room for higher calorie foods.
  4. It’s lean: Turkey is a lean protein and good source of the antioxidant selenium. Enjoy it in a reasonable portion and the same rule applies for the gravy.  “Talk Turkey” with the chef and dietitian Nov. 16th from noon – 12:45pm for our Roasting Turkey demonstration.
  5. Traditional foods: Potatoes, stuffing, squash, and cranberries are all nutritious foods. Keep the skins on the potatoes, use whole grain bread for the stuffing, roast the squash, and keep the cranberries tart.  You’ll get the benefits of fiber and lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Limit the added fat and sugar to keep the calories in check.
  6. Make it better: Consider more nutritious versions of some of your favorite recipes. Join the chef and dietitian in our kitchen to Get Cooking: Thanksgiving Sides November 10th from 5:15-7pm.
  7. Turkey Burn: Sign up to get in a great workout at the DAHLC on Friday, Nov 27 for our one-hour Turkey Burn class! At 9am you can choose to Power, Pull and Pilates or Run, Resist and Refresh. Cost is $10 due upon registration.

The recipe for a great holiday: nutritious and delicious food, family and friends, and some physical activity.


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The Thanksgiving is great food at a healthy level!

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