November 1, 2016

November Leadership Article


image-fc8b3dd24e4dWe are two months away from celebrating the beginning of 2017. While it’s exciting to think about the new year and what the future holds, this is the time to reflect on your year, think about what you are thankful for and what you would still like to accomplish before the new year. We know the holidays can become a stressful time of year with planning family get togethers, cooking and financial responsibilities. So, in November’s newsletter, we wanted to help you de-stress during the holidays as we share 8 Ways to Boost Your Mood. These are simple reminders that you can practice on a daily basis in order to fully enjoy each moment. Additionally, we know it’s hard to find time for the gym, so we are sharing a Quick Fixx workout. If you haven’t been to a Quick Fixx class, we highly recommend it. You will get a cardio burn in only 30 minutes! Pumpkin is in high demand this time of year, so we are featuring our popular Pumpkin Bread recipe. It’s fresh and light - a nice alternative to pumpkin pie if you want to save on calories. Lastly, hear from our member, Karla. She is a registered nurse at Mayo Clinic and has lost over 120 pounds after finding out what she thought was heart burn, turned out to be a heart attack. Her story is powerful and motivating!

Wishing you much health & happiness,
Paul Limburg, M.D., Medical Director
Beth Riley, Director

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