September 30, 2016

Fall Fun for Everyone!



As most of us get back into a routine from the vacation months of summer, we find our schedules as busy as ever. It’s important, however, to transition into fall with anticipation of fun activities as well as the holiday season approaching. Fall is a great time to stay active outdoors, to organize and to spend time with loved ones. Here are five ways to make the most of your fall!

  1. Stay active. Think nature hike, raking, using the trail system for biking, playing flag football, running or rollerblading, picking apples at the orchard, participating in recreation leagues, etc. Anything to maximize on the final days of warm-ish weather.
  2. Get crafty. Make decorations from the fall leaves, a fall wreath or your kids' costumes. Need ideas or inspiration? Check out Pinterest!
  3. Make a “thankful for” list. This is a wonderful time to reflect on the year so far and write down all the big and little things you are grateful for. Typically, the more we express our gratitude, the happier we become because we realize all that we have. Each day write something down that you are thankful for. Better yet, tell your friend, partner or family member how much you appreciate them.
  4. Organize. With the changing seasons and temperatures, this presents the opportunity to go through the closet and change out the summer clothes for the fall/winter garb. This could be a good time to give items away that you no longer wear. (Hint: if you didn’t wear it all summer, you probably don’t need it.)
  5. Try a new fall tradition. Did somebody say family game night? Maybe it’s hosting a bonfire or taking the family to help out at a shelter or going to the pumpkin patch. Perhaps going to the twin cities for a ball game or a show. Maybe trying out a new recipe that becomes your family's favorite. The possibilities are endless, and it’s fun to change things up and have events to look forward to each season.

Whether it’s one of the options above or something different that you prefer, enjoy this month of October and the (internal) warmth that this new season brings.

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