August 31, 2016

Yoga Workout

By Lori Casey

September is National Yoga Month, so we asked our expert instructor, Lori, to share a Sun Salutation with us. Remember to focus on your breathing and with each breath, move to the next move in the series. We encourage you to come to a yoga class to get the feel and then you will be able to repeat this series with ease.

yoga poses words

Once you have completed this series of 10 on the left side, you will need to do the right side. To do so, start at 5. Low Lunge with the right leg going back and repeat through 10. Half Lift. To end, move into Extended Mountain Pose and lastly, Mountain Pose.

Congratulations, you have completed a Sun Salutation! We hope feel refreshed and ready to start your day. For more workouts, click here.

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