August 12, 2016

“Anyone can make it through any situation”

By Nicole Block

What motivates you to be healthy? Everyone has a story. For Wellness Champion, Bridget Gabrielson of Clinical Assistant in Community Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (CPAM), she has found an outlet to help her focus not only on her own health, but the well-being of others as well.  “I chose to become a Wellness Champion when I began to have major medical problems a couple years bridget gabrielsonback, that put a damper on my overall wellness and I wanted to do something about it, as I have always been an active person and wanted to stay that way… I am a firm believer that anyone can make it through any situation/obstacle in life by being in control of their own attitude. Our feelings towards things and how we respond to those feelings is the only thing in life we have complete control over.”

As a Wellness Champion in CPAM, Bridget has an awesome support team. They have found that the more Wellness Champions a work group has, the easier it is to share the workload. “We (I use we because the key to CPAM’s success in this program is that everything we do is a team effort, we are family) reach our co-workers by bringing up events/activities in our daily morning huddles. We have activities posted on our board near our break/snack area to support healthy habits. We have motivational thoughts posted on our locker room door so we start our days with positive thinking and motivational thoughts on stairwell doors to encourage healthy choices. We educate our co-workers by bringing in monthly healthy snacks and share information about its benefits and recipes to incorporate this new healthy food into their at-home life. We are a support system for our co-workers we ask them how they are feeling, actively listen to their concerns and support them in reaching their goals whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally. “

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a team like that?

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