July 31, 2016

Member Success – Cindy Shannon


CindyShannonCindy Shannon shared her journey as she had to refocus her goals in life after the loss of her husband. Here is her story.

Cindy wanted to get healthier and more fit, so she signed up for Wellness Coaching here at the Healthy Living Center. A lot of changes occurred in the 12 week coaching service and caused Cindy to reassess her goals.

Her main barrier and focus during this time was serving as caregiver to her husband. It consumed much of her time and, sadly, he passed away during this 12-week period. Cindy was able to refocus her goals with her wellness coach, Bridget, to better meet her needs during this difficult time in her life. Cindy shared how much Bridget helped her with this refocus and said, “I needed to have someone work with me at getting to my real thoughts in a different way than I had been processing my thoughts for years. I had a hard time getting past the care-giving role that I had done for so long and had lost myself in the process.”

As a result, Cindy retired from Mayo Clinic and pursued her dream job of becoming a historical guide at the Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore of Lake Superior. She still desires to improve her fitness but says that climbing up and down the lighthouse stairs should help with that.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Cindy. You are truly an encouragement and inspiration to us all!

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