July 15, 2016

Mayo Clinic— A Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Company

By Nicole Block
CPAM 22 pushup challenge

CPAM Wellness Champions

Fourth of July has come and gone, but why not celebrate the present by reflecting on the past? Mayo Clinic has a proud history of supporting our nation’s military. From the work of William Mayo, M.D., as a Civil War examining physician to today’s ongoing mass-casualty simulation training, research, and practice efforts to reduce suicide rates in the military, Mayo has long lent support to the military community. Today, Mayo also offers job placement resources and hiring support to veterans.  But, more can be done— according to Wellness Champion, Bridget Gabrielson.

Bridget comes from Community Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (CPAM), with pride in her heart.  She states, “Personally what inspired me was the fact that my father is a Marine, as well as numerous other family members.” The CPAM Wellness Champions (pictured above) created a Push-up Challenge to honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment. Within this half hour challenge, 31 ECH staff collectively donated 1,081 push-ups to the 22KILL project! This was a cohesive collaboration amongst many departments showing the great teamwork we have here at Mayo Clinic. “As a Wellness Team, the CPAM group has always tried to have fun and engaging events that include all employees no matter their station or ability. We thought this was a great way to get all staff involved cohesively for a great cause.”

pushups 02Mayo Clinic does have resources dedicated to those who have served and who are currently serving in the military. As a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Company, Mayo Clinic gives employees  access to best practice and key knowledge of other company programs, support activities, awareness campaigns and action taken to recognize and support service members and military families. Looking for employee support? Mayo employees have formed Veterans Mayo Employee Resource Group (MERG). Membership is open to all current Mayo Clinic employees and staff. For more information, click here (internal link).


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